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As Surya Textile Sourcing, we are an international supply company that provides professional guidance in the textile and apparel industry worldwide.

Continuously striving to be the best, Surya Textile Sourcing is committed to providing high quality products and services to all its customers.

Surya Textile, with its professional team, complies with fair production practices, quality, trust, reliability, local and international laws, rules and policies throughout the production chain.

Recycle & Sustainable

Sustainability is in our every step... As Surya Tekstil Sourcing; From our R&D projects to our investments, from the choice of materials in production to the use of energy, from the protection of natural resources to the evaluation of waste resources, there are traces of sustainability in every step we take, big or small.

Global Organic Textile Standard

To give assurance to the consumer; guarantees the organicity of textile products, from the harvest of raw materials to labeling, through environmentally and socially responsible production. Its accreditation is renewed annually.

Organic Content Standard

It is a standard created for the monitoring and verification of organically grown content in finished products. It is applied to all non-food products containing 5-100% organic material.

Recycled Claim Standard

It is used as a chain of custody standard to monitor recycled raw materials throughout the supply chain. Accreditation with the Recycled Claim Standard is renewed after annual audits and controls.

Global Recycled Standard

The GRS is an international, voluntary, complete product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled ingredients, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restraints.

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